Trust Triangle Payroll Services for all your HR needs

Our program has two levels to assist you with managing your employee functions. 

Basic Program 

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can access the online HR Support Center for all of your HR needs. Resources include:

  • ▶  Employee Handbook: Downloadable and customizable. 
  •   Policy Library: Library of standard business policies. 
  •   State and Federal Laws: Written in easy to understand terms. 
  •   HR Forms: Library of business, state and federal forms. 
  •   3-Minute HR Audit: Assess the effectiveness of your HR functions. 
  •   eAlerts: Instant notification for important law updates. 
  •   HR Checklists: Checklists to help organize business tasks. 
  •   HR Guides: Various guidelines providing helpful references in following particular business procedures. 
  •   Job Descriptions: Catalog to help organize and hire employees. 
  • ▶  Q&A Database: Hundreds of questions answered by HR Pros. 
  • ▶  HR Best Practices: Monthly articles covering best practices. 
  •   Monthly Newsletter: Alerts and articles to stay current. 
  •   Glossary of Terms: Easy to read definitions for key HR terms. 
  •   HR News and Updates: HR-related news feeds and updates. 
  •   HRCast: Monthly podcasts covering HR best practices. 
  •   HR Resource Center: Resources for ordering posters, training materials and reference literature. 
  •   Quick Guides: Hot topics of employee solutions.

HR On-Demand Program

With the HR On-Demand Program, your company can virtually outsource their HR department. Our experienced and certified HR Professionals work with you to address your business-specific questions and needs, including: 

  •   Ask the Pro: Address your situational questions in regards to legal compliance and personnel issues, and receive a response within one business day. 
  •   Document Customization: Our HR Pros will create and/or customize your HR documents, and review for potential legal concerns. 
  •   Employee Handbook Development: Schedule a personal appointment with an HR Pro to develop a custom Employee Handbook and a plan for implementation.